Elise Hegney is a 24 year old, living in a small village in Warwickshire! Elise has always had a huge love for fashion, beauty and lifestyle when in 2019 she decided to take the next step by creating a blog. Elise’s blog and Instagram have organically grown so much over the past 6 months, where she prides herself in being honest, inspiring and kind! This all shows throughout her post’s which are every time of high quality in both images and text.

Elise decided to start her blog as previously mentioned for sharing her love of anything fashion, beauty and lifestyle related, but due to her fair share of experiences in life too. She also massively proves how you can positively carry on living day to day, even with a chronic illness. Therefore, she agreed by sharing her personal experiences as well as fashion and beauty it may, just may help to persuade, motivate and encourage other people 
to stand up and speak out!

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