My luck is in! 
I honestly can't believe I, Me.. have my hands on a pair of Aleali May's - Air Jordan 1's, thanks to the guys at Sneaker Hub! Releasing in December 2018 these were an instant sell out, with limited pairs available. The Jordan 1 features a suede bold block coloured upper including Bordeaux, Sunset Tint, Rush Red and Light Armory Blue. The insole includes a luxury quilted tan lining and of course the shoe shows off the iconic detachable fur tongue.

Sneaker Hub (@skrshub) are a premium footwear brand selling limited and must have trainers online. They run across a number of platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and can source you pretty much any trainer you need, I guarantee! From Yeezy's to Jordan's to Off White's, they have them all! 


As we know the 'Yeezy Boost' has been one of the most popular trainers now for the past few years, but are they really worth it - the money and time?

The Yeezy is a collab between Adidas and Rapper Kanye West. Now as we know most to all releases have been a complete sell out, all within only a few hours too. However, I'd like to know how many people bought the trainers because they like the silhouette of the shoe, and how many bought because there was a big persona around the 'Yeezy Boost' and Kanye West himself. 

The first release from the Yeezy collection was the 750's released in 2015 which I personally decided to not buy. Looking at these they were not a pair I'd personally choose to wear.. However, were a complete sell out within minutes meaning I more than likely would have had no chance at even getting close anyway!

Then came the 350's in mid 2015, releasing the Turtle Dove, Pirate Black, Moonrock and Oxford Tan over a number of selected release dates. Now I'm not going to lie I remember trying for ALL of these releases and not even getting close! It was my first time trying for the Yeezy and I was very uneducated on how to cop. I remember queuing FOREVER on Adidas and being heartbroken when the sold out sign came up! The 350 was a silhouette that I was obsessed with, I had seen them everywhere online and knew they would be an unreal trainer on foot. 
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