As we know the 'Yeezy Boost' has been one of the most popular trainers now for the past few years, but are they really worth it - the money and time?

The Yeezy is a collab between Adidas and Rapper Kanye West. Now as we know most to all releases have been a complete sell out, all within only a few hours too. However, I'd like to know how many people bought the trainers because they like the silhouette of the shoe, and how many bought because there was a big persona around the 'Yeezy Boost' and Kanye West himself. 

The first release from the Yeezy collection was the 750's released in 2015 which I personally decided to not buy. Looking at these they were not a pair I'd personally choose to wear.. However, were a complete sell out within minutes meaning I more than likely would have had no chance at even getting close anyway!

Then came the 350's in mid 2015, releasing the Turtle Dove, Pirate Black, Moonrock and Oxford Tan over a number of selected release dates. Now I'm not going to lie I remember trying for ALL of these releases and not even getting close! It was my first time trying for the Yeezy and I was very uneducated on how to cop. I remember queuing FOREVER on Adidas and being heartbroken when the sold out sign came up! The 350 was a silhouette that I was obsessed with, I had seen them everywhere online and knew they would be an unreal trainer on foot. 

In 2015 we also saw the 950's, I won't go into too much detail as again they were not of any interest to me at all and I certainly didn't have a spare £500!

And then my luck was in, the 350 V2's were announced! From 2016 to 2018 we have seen the colour way Beluga, Red, Green, Copper, Oreo, Breds, Zebra, Cream White, Frozen Yellow, Beluga 2.0, Blue Tint, Butter, Sesame and Statics. What a line up of releases. Now to be honest there's only a few colour ways that I actually liked and I only bought two of these colour ways myself. The Cream White and the Blue Tint. I sat on the 'Cream White' release with 3 MacBooks, 2 iPads, 3 iPhones and my fingers crossed tightly! I knew the stock was going to be high for these so they wouldn't be too hard to get hold of. I managed to check out within one hour bagging two pairs however, sell out was around 1pm so 6 hours of queuing for some people... would you do this? Then the 'Blue Tint' - a slightly longer wait but checked out easy enough securing a pair for myself after a few hours (definitely worth the time). I'm kicking myself though as the Static that has just released a couple of weeks ago was definitely the best colour way without a doubt! But here's the thing, the Yeezy Boost used to be such a rare silhouette that sold for way more than retail, but now for some (not all) colour ways you're lucky to get anymore than retail (£180) due to the lack of demand and hype around them today. (SPLY - Saint Pablo Loves You)

Onto my favourite - the 500's. I am obsessed with the 500's! I bought the Utility black and Salt's. They go with everything and are such a clean, sleek and comfortable trainer. I literally can't put into words how unreal the 500's look on foot! They are my go to everyday. If you're thinking of getting any Yeezy I definitely recommend this silhouette! It took me just 3 minutes to log on and check out with two pairs! (Retail - £180)

700's... They're a vibe! The Marmite of the sneaker world! I'm half gutted I never checked out with these as I had them in my basket ready to check out. However, being a slightly more pricier Yeezy and me trying to save up I had to make the decision and let me tell you, closing that tab was my first experience of sheer heartbreak! I will definitely be getting the announced 'Ineria' colour way in spring 2019 though for sure! I've also heard the 'Salt' and 'Analog' will be coming Spring 2019 too. (Retail - £250)

The last pair is the Yeezy Powerphase - Calabasas. The 80's retro vibe that this silhouette gives off is amazing. Definitely one of the easier trainers to have got hold off during release but nevertheless an amazing trainer. I do have the 'Grey Calabasas' however, not the 'Core Black.' (Retail - £80)

For sizing references I personally go half a size up in the 350's. A full size in 500's (but half a size would be ok too.) 700's are also half a size up and Powerphase true to size.

All in all, the Yeezy's are definitely worth the money in my eyes because of the quality, look and history behind the shoe, if you're not truly in love with the silhouette and you're buying them because it's a 'Yeezy' then you're wasting your money, basically. 

I purchase from Adidas, Footlocker and Offspring only for Yeezy's however, there are many sites that sell and so many companies that hold raffles for them nearer to release days so keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram pages.

I'll be posting on my Instagram stories closer to release dates too to let you all know what colour way will be out next. If you're after any Yeezy's then just drop me a message and I can point you in the right direction of legit re sellers!

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